PDC 2022
Conference paper

Creative Entrances to Co-Design: Exploring Collaboration through Fiction, Fairy Tales, and Games

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Design fiction, storytelling, and games provide creative entrances to co-design activities with different groups. These have emerged from a need to develop joint perspectives, a joint language and technological imagination as prerequisites for participatory approaches and co-design. For this workshop, we invite researchers, practitioners and designers who are working in settings that are socially and culturally diverse, who bring together people of a broad age range and who have tried creative approaches in their co-design activities. Working in groups to co-design and further develop creative entrances, this workshop will explore and reflect upon the potential of design fiction, storytelling, and games to foster creativity in co-design activities and to support (technological) imagination. As a result, we plan to co-host together with the participants a digital exhibition with the results of the workshop.