Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology

Coherent radiation for X-ray imaging—the soft x-ray undulator and the x1a beamline at the NSLS

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An undulator-based beamline was built and commissioned at the National Synchrotron Light Source to provide tunable coherent radiation in the 200–800 eV range. The low emittance of the storage ring means that the undulator source has high brightness so that a large flux of coherent x rays is delivered to experimental stations. The beamline uses a horizontally dispersing bichromator that allows two experiments to run simultaneously, making use of the first and second harmonics of the undulator output. In addition, the use of horizontally deflecting optics enables the beamline alignment to be insensitive to electron beam motion since the horizontal electron beam size is quite large. The beamline and its performance are discussed with emphasis on the optics and on stability, radiation, and vacuum considerations. © 1990 IOS Press. All rights reserved.