APS March Meeting 2023

Circuit knitting toolbox and quantum serverless

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During the near term quantum computers era of quantum computing, while quantum computers are still very noisy, it will be important to work in a direction of composable solutions that reduces the size of given problems and handles problem execution on classical-quantum backends. Along that line of effort, 2 supporting solutions were developed: circuit knitting toolbox and quantum serverless framework. The circuit knitting toolbox is a collection of algorithms which aim to decompose a quantum circuit into collection of smaller circuits, evaluate the subcircuits on a quantum processor, and then recompose those results into an estimation of the result of the full-sized circuit. Quantum serverless is a programming model to orchestrate classical and quantum resources for problem solving. Attendees of this talk will learn how to use entanglement forging to estimate the ground state energy of a molecule, using half the number of qubits, and how to use circuit cutting to find optimal cut points on a circuit, cut the circuit into its parts, and reconstruct an estimation of the circuit using the sub-experiments. They will also learn how QuantumServerless can be leveraged to parallelize quantum experiments and offload expensive classical calculations to high-performance backends.