MRS Proceedings 1992
Conference paper

Chemical vapor deposition of copper alloys


Chemical vapor deposition of metals is becoming a desirable alternative to physical deposition techniques (e.g. sputtering, evaporation) for applications in chip wiring. This is due to the possibility of achieving highly conformal coverage and low processing temperatures. Additionally, it is convenient to be able to enhance the physical properties (e.g. corrosion resistance, adhesion, electromigration resistance) of metal films used for chip interconnection by incorporation of an alloying agent. We have investigated the possibility of extending our current copper deposition process to allow for the deposition of copper alloys. By careful selection of the precursors and reactor conditions, simultaneous decomposition of the two compounds to give clean alloy films is effected. Using this co-deposition method, Cu-Co and Cu-Te alloy films were prepared. Precursor and reaction chemistry are discussed as well as some properties of the resulting films.