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Characterization and acid diffusion measurements of new strong acid photoacid generators

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As resist feature sizes have decreased and the performance demands on chemically amplified photoresists have increased the role of the photoacid generator (PAG) in determining overall resist performance has become increasingly apparent. Over the past 20 years a variety of different types of PAG's have been introduced as researchers have sought to optimize properties such as acid strength, acid volatility, diffusion length, wavelength response, solubility etc. PAGs that produce very strong organic acids are widely used, in part because of requirements for high photospeed resists. Most of these acid generators are based on perfluoroalkyl sulfonic acid based onium salts. In an effort to identify and characterize alternative PAGs we have investigated the performance of a variety of photoacid generators that are not based on sulfonic acids. In this report we will describe the relative reactivities of these PAGs under a variety of exposure wavelengths and processing conditions including acid diffusion proprieties and photospeed measurements. © 2002 SPIE · 0277-786X/02/$15.00.