ICMR 2014
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Attribute-based people search: Lessons learnt from a practical surveillance system

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We address the problem of attribute-based people search in real surveillance environments. The system we developed is capable of answering user queries such as"show me all people with a beard and sunglasses, wearing a white hat and a patterned blue shirt, from all metro cameras in the downtown area, from 2pm to 4pm last Saturday". In this paper, we describe the lessons we learned from practical deployments of our system, and how we made our algorithms achieve the accuracy and efficiency required by many police departments around the world. In particular, we show that a novel set of multimodal integral filters and proper normalization of attribute scores are critical to obtain good performance. We conduct a comprehensive experimental analysis on video footage captured from a large set of surveillance cameras monitoring metro chokepoints, in both crowded and normal activity periods. Moreover, we show impressive results using images from the recent Boston marathon bombing event, where our system can rapidly retrieve the two suspects based on their attributes from a database containing more than one thousand people present at the event. Copyright 2014 ACM.


01 Apr 2014


ICMR 2014