S&P 2024
Conference paper

Asterisk: Super-fast MPC with a Friend

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Secure multiparty computation (MPC) enables privacy-preserving collaborative computation over sensitive data held by multiple mutually distrusting parties. Unfortunately, in the most natural setting where a majority of the parties are maliciously corrupt (also called the dishonest majority setting), traditional MPC protocols incur high overheads and offer weaker security guarantees than are desirable for practical applications. In this paper, we explore the possibility of circumventing these drawbacks and achieving practically efficient dishonest majority MPC protocols with strong security guarantees by assuming an additional semi-honest, non-colluding helper party HP. We believe that this is a more realistic alternative to assuming an honest majority, since many real-world applications of MPC involving potentially large numbers of parties (such as dark pools) are typically enabled by a central governing entity that can be modeled as the HP. In the above model, we are the first to design, implement and benchmark a practically-efficient and general multi-party framework, Asterisk. Our framework requires invoking HP only a constant number of times, achieves the strong security guarantee of fairness (either all parties learn the output or none do), scales to hundreds of parties, outperforms all existing dishonest majority MPC protocols, and is, in fact, competitive with state-of-the-art honest majority MPC protocols. Our experiments show that Asterisk achieves 288−228x speedup in preprocessing as compared to the best dishonest majority MPC protocol. With respect to online time, Asterisk supports 100-party evaluation of a circuit with 10^6 multiplication gates in approximately 20 seconds. We also implement and benchmark practically efficient and highly scalable instance of dark pools using Asterisk. The run times showcase the effectiveness of Asterisk in enabling efficient realizations of real-world privacy-preserving applications with strong security guarantees.