Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

Adhesion and interface studies between copper and polyimide

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The adhesion and interface structure between copper and polyimide have been studied. Polyimide films were prepared by spinning a polyamic acid solution (Du Pont PMDA-ODA) in an NMP solvent onto a Cu foil, followed by thermal curing up to 400°C. The adhesion strength was measured by a 90° peel test. The peel strength of 25 μm thick Cu foil to 25 μm thick polyimide substrate was about 73 g/mm with the peel strength decreasing with increasing polyimide thickness. Cross-sectional TEM observation revealed very fine Cu-rich particles distributed in the polyimide. Particles were not found closer than 80-200 nm from Cu boundary. These Cu-rich particles were formed as a result of reaction of polyamic acid with Cu during thermal curing. We attribute the high peel strength to interfacial chemical bonding between Cu and polyimide. This behavior is in contrast to vacuum-deposited Cu onto fully cured polyimide. © VSP 1987.