AGU Fall 2022

A toolbox for weather and climate data discovery and extreme event analysis


Climate change and variability is having a significant impact on global society and economic activities. Society and businesses need to adapt, though to do so require actionable information to make informed decisions. To this end, we have developed a scalable cloud-based toolbox that brings together weather, climate, and other geospatial datasets to quantify the likelihood of extreme events from sub-seasonal to long-term climate time-scales. Information discovery is driven by a suite of robust statistical methods and choice of ETCCDI, user-specified or AI-derived climate indices. Users can explore and extract extreme climate change metrics at global, regional, and local scales to support many tasks such as asset management and business decisions. Embedded in the core technologies is functionality to alert users on possible extreme events to support early warning systems and disaster relief operations. The toolbox facilitates information discovery and allows informed, transparent decision making on weather and climate outlooks. In our presentation, we demonstrate these functionalities and the core technologies behind them, focusing primarily on extreme indices and related information.