ISOEN 2019
Conference paper

A portable potentiometric electronic tongue leveraging smartphone and cloud platforms

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Electronic tongues based on potentiometry offer the prospect of rapid and continuous chemical fingerprinting for portable and remote systems. The present contribution presents a technology platform including a miniaturized electronic tongue based on electropolymerized ion-sensitive films, microcontroller-based data acquisition, a smartphone interface and cloud computing back-end for data storage and deployment of machine learning models. The sensor array records a series of differential voltages without use of a true reference electrode and the resulting time-series potentiometry data is used to train supervised machine learning algorithms. For trained systems, inferencing tasks such as the classification of liquids are realized within less than 1 minute including data acquisition at the edge and inference using the cloud-deployed machine learning model. Preliminary demonstration of the complete electronic tongue technology stack is reported for the classification of beverages and mineral water.