Accelerated Discovery Technology

Enabling the scientist and the scientific software developer to rapidly harness the most advanced new techniques in a cloud-native environment.


Accelerated Discovery technology

Born at IBM Research, one of the world’s leading scientific institutions, our accelerated discovery technology is built to accelerate the work of scientists to help solve some of the toughest challenges in society - in health, climate, materials, energy, sustainability, and beyond. It brings together the most advanced computing technology in cloud, high performance computing, machine learning and quantum computing to address the key bottlenecks in data science, modeling and simulation, insight generation, and digital experimentation to speed time to impact.

Enabling the Scientist and Scientific Software Developer 

This effort aims to provide scientists and scientific software developers with data-driven, computational, and quantum-based techniques in an integrated, highly customizable cloud-native environment to increase efficiency in their daily operations.

The platform offers tools to enable users to build, run, interpret, and iterate on their custom workflows applied to many scientific applications such as:

  • methods of batch and streaming data management for a diversity of data types and sources

  • the use of heterogeneous compute acceleration

  • machine learning algorithms and model management

  • quantum computing integration

  • a seamless and pervasive data fabric for building, sharing, monitoring and reporting, even with sensitive and regulated data