Zeynep Sumer


Zeynep Sumer


Research Scientist


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Hursley, England


Zeynep received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from University College London. During her PhD, she investigated the intermolecular interactions among liquid crystal (LC) molecules by coarse-grained molecular simulations. She focused on how to manipulate LCs' orientation by changing thermodynamic properties such as temperature and chemical composition, for bio-sensing applications. She holds a MSc degree from Koç University in İstanbul, Turkey and a BSc degree from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.

After her PhD she moved to the United States to work as a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Wisconsin-Madison. There she integrated AI applications and molecular simulations to elucidate lignin solubility mechanisms, to utilise these abundant compounds in biofuels, or bioplastics. Before joining IBM, she was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Imperial College London where she worked on computer-aided molecular design of surfactants.

Now at IBM, she works on surrogate modelling for simulation workflows as part of the AI-Enriched Simulation Team.


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