Teryl Taylor


Teryl Taylor


Staff Research Scientist


IBM Research Denver, CO USA


I am a Research Staff Member on the Cyber Security Intelligence (CSI) team in the Security Research department at IBM Research where I love to solve problems related to cyber security analytics, cloud security, systems security, and cyber deception. I am a maintainer of the SysFlow Telemetry Pipeline, which is an open source platform for monitoring system events on cloud platforms. 

I completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) under the supervision of Dr. Fabian Monrose and Dr. John McHugh.  At UNC, I researched realtime techniques for detecting exploit kits and bots using HTTP and DNS traffic. In the past, I analyzed large Netflow datasets and was a major contributor to the FloVis Security Visualization Framework. 

I have worked many years in industry designing software for such companies as IBM Corporation, Diaphonics Inc, and Sybase Inc.

My google scholar page is here.






A cloud-native system telemetry framework that enables the creation of security analytics on a scalable, pluggable open-source platform.

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