Graham White


Graham White




STSM for Technical Experiences & Master Inventor


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Hursley, England


I lead a global team of technical professionals based in the UK, Switzerland, Brazil and US. The goal of my team is to reduce the time and effort taken between fundamental research taking place and having that research provide impact with our clients. We work across a wide array of technology research areas covered by the IBM Research division and serve clients in any industry or location. This is done through the production of first-of-a-kind prototype solutions that take a research paper or early research code, improve it and present it to a user community. This allows us to rapidly evaluate success and iterate.

My role, specifically, is to provide technical oversight, leadership and mentorship to the team. I am also hands-on, involved with the technical development and delivery of our prototypes. Additionally, I create architectures, set technical direction and evaluate the technical work we're doing covering engineering excellence for all aspects of the software production life cycle. I work very closely with the business members of my wider team to create a strategy and drive the technical team towards fulfilment of the goals we set as a leadership team.


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