Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy


Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy


Staff Research Scientist; Quantum Innovation Center - Lead, India and Singapore


IBM Research - India Bengaluru, India


Hello! I am a Researcher in the newly formed Quantum Computing research group at the IBM Research India lab in Bangalore, and the Engagement Manager for the IIT Madras-IBM Quantum partnership. My research interests are in quantum error mitigation, cryptography and security. At IBM, I have worked on projects around blockchain interoperability, encrypted databases, IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply and privacy-preserving machine learning. I am also an IBM Quantum Senior Ambassador.

I recently completed my PhD from the University of Waterloo advised by Sergey Gorbunov and David Jao, where I was part of the amazing CrySP group and IQC. Previously, I did my masters with the Theory Group at University of Toronto advised by Vinod Vaikuntanathan, and then started my PhD with Charles Rackoff before 'transferring' to Waterloo. Even before, I did my undergrad at College of Engineering, Guindy during when I had the chance to work under Prof. Pandu Rangan at IIT Madras. During my PhD, I had interned at Microsoft Research labs in India with Nishanth Chandran and Cambridge with Kapil Vaswani.




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