Carl Radens


Carl Radens


Memory Research for Hybrid Cloud, Systems and AI


IBM Research - Albany Albany, NY USA


Memory Research for Hybrid Cloud, Systems and AI

Focused on the R&D of cache memory used in computer chips, high-performance processors, AI, hybrid cloud, mobile communication, system-on-chip (SoC), entertainment processors, graphics processors, and ASICs, for foundry, platform and custom applications.

h-index = 46 overall, >9679 citations

> 390 issued US patents

IEEE Author Profile (subset of publications)

Selected Publications (also see LinkedIn profile):

  • High-Performance Nanosheet Technology Optimized for 77 K, IEDM 2023
  • Performance of stacked nanosheet gate all around FET’s with EUV patterned gate and sheets, 2021
  • A comparative analysis of EUV sheet and gate patterning for beyond 7nm gate all around stacked nanosheet FET’s, 2020
  • Extrinsic Device and Leakage Mechanism in Advanced Bulk FinFET SRAM, 2019
  • A 7nm CMOS Technology Platform for Mobile and High Performance Compute Application, 2017
  • A Universal Hardware-Driven PVT and Layout-Aware Predictive Failure Analytics for SRAM, 2016
  • 'Super-Fast Physics-based Methodology for Accurate Memory Yield Prediction', 2015
  • High Performance 14nm SOI FinFET CMOS Technology with 0.0174um2 embedded DRAM and 15 Levels of Cu Metallization, 2014
  • Fully-depleted planar technologies and static RAM
  • A 64Mb SRAM in 32nm High-k metal-gate SOI technology with 0.7V operation enabled by stability, write-ability and read-ability enhancements
  • Embedded memory considerations in SOI
  • A 45nm low power bulk technology featuring carbon co-implantation and laser anneal on 45°-rotated substrate
  • A Sub-600-mV, Fluctuation Tolerant 65-nm CMOS SRAM Array With Dynamic Cell Biasing
  • Are Design Tools and Methodologies Measuring up to the Challenges of the DFM Era?
  • Characterization of across-device linewidth variation (ADLV) for 65-nm logic SRAM using CDSEM and linewidth roughness algorithms
  • Fluctuation limits & scaling opportunities for CMOS SRAM cells
  • High performance 65 nm SOI technology with dual stress liner and low capacitance SRAM cell
  • Technologies for scaling vertical transistor DRAM cells to 70 nm
  • Challenges and future directions for the scaling of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM)
  • Leakage current and reliability evaluation of ultra-thin reoxidized nitride and comparison with silicon dioxides
  • A highly cost efficient 8F/sup 2/ DRAM cell with a double gate vertical transistor device for 100 nm and beyond
  • A lithographically-friendly 6F2 DRAM cell
  • + more

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Research Accomplishment: Technology Development, Qualificaiton, and Design Technology Co-Optimization for 7nm Server Processors, 2021
  • Invention Achievement Award 100th Plateau, 2020
  • Excellence and Eminence Award, 2019
  • Lifetime Master Inventor
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in Appreciation for 45 nm Bulk Technology Development
  • Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in Appreciation for P6 Worlds Fastest Processor
  • Corporate Technical Recognition Event (CTRE) 3X
  • Division Portfolio Awards for High-Value Patents (17X)