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November 2007

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Ponder This Solution:

We need to uniquely find the point from each one of its three projections, so 3*K = N*N. Therefore, no revealing set exists for any N that is not divisible by 3.

Now to prove the existence of a revealing set for all N=3m, let the grid be in the range (0,0,0) to (N-1,N-1,N-1). Let A be an integer parameter running in the range of [0,N) and B be an integer parameter running in the range of [0,m). We will pick the points that can be described as (X,Y,Z) = ( A,A+3B,2A+3B+1-(A mod 3) ) (mod N) for some such A and B. As the quantity of these points is correct, suffice that we show that there is no overlap.

First, there is no overlap between the various observers because
Y-X = 0 (mod 3)
Z-Y = 1 (mod 3)
X-Z = 2 (mod 3)

Second, there is no overlap for any single observer:
1. This is clear for the XY and ZX observers, because both A and B must obviously coincide.
2. For the YZ observer, A+3B must coincide, so therefore (A mod 3) must also coincide, as must A and hence B.

Thanks to Michael Brand for the above solution. The September 2007 riddle on his monthly riddle site discusses a more generalized version of this problem. If you liked this riddle, you may enjoy tackling that problem as well.

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