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May 2006

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The possible configurations can be listed as follows:
1.  5 short, 1 long, ratio sqrt(3)=1.73201...
2.  4 short, 2 long, ratio sqrt(2)=1.41421...
3.  4 short, 2 long, ratio sqrt(2+sqrt(3))=1.93185...
4.  3 short, 3 long, ratio sqrt(3)=1.73201...
5.  3 short, 3 long, ratio .5*(1+sqrt(5))=1.61803...
6.  2 short, 4 long, ratio sqrt(2+sqrt(3))=1.93185...

They can be described as follows:
1.  Two equilateral triangles sharing an edge.
2.  Square
3.  Isosceles triangle with center point
4.  Equilateral triangle with center point
5.  Regular pentagon with a point deleted
6.  Kite

This problem was provided to me by John Fletcher.  It has appeared in several places before and is apparently originally due to Einhorn and Schoenberg.

Since this was a fairly easy problem I only gave credit for solutions which were completely correct.  There were some additional solutions which were largely correct.

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