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Let us consider a game similar to Nim. In this game, Alice and Bob have three piles of coins. The players take turns alternately. At every turn, the current player chooses some of the piles, and removes the same number of coins from each pile chosen (at least one coin must be removed from each pile; there are no other restrictions).
A position in the game can be described by a triplet (a,b,c) where 0≤a≤b≤c denoting the (sorted) number of coins in the piles. The rules of the game consists of two lists of positions, marked LOSE and WIN. In the default set of rules, LOSE contains the single position (0,0,0) and WIN is empty. A player whose turn starts at a LOSE position loses; starting at a WIN position wins; otherwise a move is made and the turn passed to the other player.
A winning position is one where the current player can force a win (in one or more steps) by playing correctly; a losing position is a non-winning position. For example, in the default rules, (0,7,7) is a winning position, since the player can remove 7 coins from the two non-empty piles; (0,1,2) is a losing position since the possible moves result in the positions (0,1,1), (0,0,1) or (0,0,2) which are all winning (so if Alice starts in (0,1,2) Bob wins in the next move).

We consider the set of all positions (a,b,c) where 0≤a≤b≤c≤100, i.e. the maximum number of coins in any of the piles is 100. Out of the total 176851 positions, exactly 1264 positions are losing. Our goal is to lower this number to at most 1252 by finding an alternative set of rules (LOSE and WIN sets). As an example, adding (1,1,1) to LOSE increases the number of losing positions in the game to 1269.
Provide your answer as two lists of positions, e.g.,


This denotes the set LOSE = {(1,1,1), (2,2,2)} and WIN={(1,2,3), (4,5,6)}}. Both WIN and LOSE should be of size at most 10. The lists should result in a game which has at most 1252 losing positions.

A bonus '*' for finding and proving the minimum number of losing positions in this game, or for the case where 0≤a≤b≤c≤10, i.e., where each pile has at most 10 coins.

We will post the names of those who submit a correct, original solution! If you don't want your name posted then please include such a statement in your submission!

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