Day 2 - Wednesday, 19 Nov 2014

09:00 - 09:50 Keynote: Statistical Program Analysis and Synthesis,
Prof. Martin Vechev, ETH Zürich
Session Chair: Eran Yahav

09:50 - 10:20 Break

10:20 - 11:40 Technical Session: Testing and Dynamic Analysis
Chair: Rachel Tzoref-Brill

Efficient Combinatorial Test Generation Based on Multivalued Decision Diagrams,
Angelo Gargantini and Paolo Vavassori

Enhancing Scenario Quality Using Quasi-Events,
Eitan Marcus, Avi Ziv, and Yoav Katz

Automatic Error Localization for Software Using Deductive Verification,
Robert Koenighofer, Ronald Toegl, and Roderick Bloem

Generating JML Specifications from Alloy Expressions,
Christoph Gladisch, Daniel Grunwald, Tianhai Liu, Mana Taghdiri, and Shmuel Tyszberowicz

11:40 - 12:10 Break

12:10 - 13:00 Keynote: IBM POWER8, the OpenPOWER Ecosystem and Verification Directions,
Wolfgang Roesner, Fellow, IBM
Session Chair: Laurent Fournier

Bio: After getting a Ph.D. in EE at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, Wolfgang joined IBM in Boeblingen where he developed the first CMOS synthesizable RTL language and simulation tools. He joined the POWER design team at IBM Austin, TX in 1989 and transferred to IBM US in 1994. He has been the technical lead of the IBM Server verification tools team since 1996. Since 2003 he was verification lead of several microprocessor projects, notably the eCLipz project (POWER6 and z10) and is now STG verification methodology lead. He was named IBM Fellow in 2011. Outside work Wolfgang is an enthusiastic music fan and still cannot believe his luck to be able to call Austin, TX home, the "Live Music Capital of the World".

13:00 - 13:40 Technical Session: Synthesis

Synthesizing Finite-state Protocols from Scenarios and Requirements,
Rajeev Alur, Milo Martin, Mukund Raghothaman, Christos Stergiou, Stavros Tripakis, and Abhishek Udupa

Supervisory Control of Discrete-Event Systems via IC3,
Mohammad Reza Shoaei, Laura Kovacs, and Bengt Lennartson

13:40 - 14:40 Lunch

14:40 - 21:00 Social Event - Nazareth Tour and Dinner

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Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Moshe Vardi, Rice University
  • Wolfgang Roesner, Fellow, IBM
  • Prof. Martin Vechev, ETH Zürich
  • Harry Foster, Chief Verification Scientist, Mentor Graphics
  • Ziv Binyamini, Corporate VP & CTO, System and Software Solutions, Cadence

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