Challenges in Enabling the Next Generation Mobile Experience : Are You Ready?
Scott Runner, Vice President, Engineering at Qualcomm

In the next decade, consumers are going to be treated to an array of new use case experiences in mobility that one can only dream of today. The HW and SW IP and systems integration that will enable these experiences are prodigious. The design and verification challenges which must be surmounted to enable such high levels of integration and functionality are daunting. And doing so in the timeframes required to satisfy the appetites of smartphone and tablet customers, while delivering to cost, power, performance and quality targets demands novel approaches. We will explore these challenges in the design of the most popular devices in the wireless world.

Speaker Bio
Scott Runner is currently the Vice President of Advanced Methodologies and Low Power Design at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. He has worked in engineering in the semiconductor and EDA industries for 30 years, holding positions as Director of processors and IP, Design Automation and design manager at Conexant Systems Inc., a "founding" member of the DesignWare team at Synopsys Inc., and DSP and ASIC design engineer and Design Center manager at Fujitsu Microelectronics. He has taped out over 48 devices and has authored over 22 papers & articles. He holds a B.S. in Physics with emphasis in Computer Science and EE from Georgia Tech.

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