HVC Award

Granted since 2007, the HVC award recognizes the most promising academic and industrial contribution to the fields of testing and software and hardware verification from the last five years.

Prof. Alessandro(Alex)
The HVC 2013 Award Committee, chaired by Prof. Franco Fummi, has decided to give this year's award to Prof. Alessandro (Alex) Orso of Georgia Institute of Technology for his investigation on automatic debugging techniques.

His investigations have been particularly well described in the paper "Are Automated Debugging Techniques Actually Helping Programmers?", presented at ISSTA'11 (co-authored by Chris Parnin). The paper departs from earlier work on automated debugging by questioning some of the core assumptions underlying previous research in the area. This is the sort of research that is sorely missing in the verification community. It reports real experiments, real users and real statistics, without even giving a single scatter plot of selected users. The work is truly interdisciplinary and it answers to many questions which anyone working in our field could actually benefit from.

HVC award committee

  • Franco Fummi (Chair)
  • Nikolaj Bjorner
  • Roderick Bloem
  • Darko Marinov
  • Corina Pasareanu
  • Avi Ziv
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