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HVC 2010
Haifa Verification Conference 2010

October 5-7, 2010
Organized by IBM R&D Labs in Israel

image: IBM and Haifa

Accepted Papers

SAT-solving Based on Boundary Point Elimination,
Eugene Goldberg and Panagiotis Manolios

Revisiting Synthesis of GR(1) Specifications,
Uri Klein and Amir Pnueli.

Reaching Coverage Closure in Post-silicon Validation,
Allon Adir, Amir Nahir, Avi Ziv, Charles Meissner and John Schumann

Debugging Unrealizable Specifications with Model-Based Diagnosis,
Robert Koenighofer, Georg Hofferek and Roderick Bloem

Feedback-based Coverage Directed Test Generation: An Industrial Evaluation,
Charalambos Ioannides, Geoff Barrett and Kerstin Eder

Advances in Simultaneous Multithreading Testcase Generation Methods,
John Ludden, Michal Rimon, Bryan Hickerson and Allon Adir

An Efficient and Flexible Approach to Resolution Proof Reduction,
Simone Fulvio Rollini, Roberto Bruttomesso and Natasha Sharygina

Parallelizing A Symbolic Compositional Model-Checking Algorithm,
Ariel Cohen, Kedar Namjoshi, Yaniv Sa'ar, Lenore Zuck and Katya Kisyova

vlogsl: A Strategy Language for Simulation-based Verification of Hardware,
Michael Katelman and Jose Meseguer

LTL Query Checking,
Hana Chockler, Arie Gurfinkel and Ofer Strichman

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