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Parallel and Distributed Systems:
Testing and Debugging

In conjunction with
International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis
July 17, 2006
Portland, Maine, USA


Seminar's program PDF version for printing (44 KB)

Session 1: State of Practice
Session Chair: Joao Lourenco, Univ. Nova de Lisboa
A State-of-Practice Survey on Verification and Validation for Concurrent Programs,
Margaret A. Wojcicki, Paul Strooper

Formal Verification of Concurrent Software: Two Case Studies,
Hana Chockler, Eitan Farchi, Ziv Glazberg, Benny Godlin, Yarden Nir-Buchbinder, Ishai Rabinovitz

A Classification of Concurrency Bugs in Java Benchmarks by Developer Intent,
M. Erkan Keremoglu, Serdar Tasiran, Tayfun Elmas

Session 2: Stressing Concurrent Programs
Session Chair: Eitan Farchi, IBM Haifa Research Lab
Best Paper: Improved Distributed Memory Applications Testing By Message Perturbation,
Richard Vuduc, Martin Schulz, Dan Quinlan, Bronis de Supinski, Andreas Saebjornsen

Producing Scheduling that Cause Concurrent Programs to Fail,
Yossi Ben Asher, Yaniv Eytani, Eitan Farchi, Shmuel Ur

Keynote address Chess: A systematic stress tester for concurrent software,
Shaz Qadeer, Microsoft Research

Session 3: Deadlock Detection
Session Chair: Willem Visser, RIACS/NASA Ames
Invited Talk: Confirmation of Deadlock Potentials Detected by Runtime Analysis,
Saddek Bensalem, Jean Claude Fernandez, Klaus Havelund, Laurent Mounier

Run-Time Detection of Potential Deadlocks for Programs with Locks, Semaphores, and Condition Variables,
Rahul Agarwal, Scott D. Stoller

Session 4: Grid and Races
Session Chair: Klaus Havelund, Kestrel Technology
Multi-Environment Software Testing on the Grid,
Alexandre Duarte, Gustavo Wagner, Francisco Brasileiro, Walfredo Cirne

A Theory of Data Race Detection,
Utpal Banerjee, Brian Bliss, Zhiqiang Ma, Paul Petersen

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