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IBM Faculty Awards Program - FAQs

Can nominations be aligned with any ongoing business activity?

No. Awards cannot be connected to any future, ongoing, or impending commercial activity with IBM.

If an Award application is successful and the faculty changes universities, can they take the award with them?

This is up to the University. All Awards are considered gifts to the University, and it is the intent of the program that they are used to support the efforts of the faculty member nominated for that Award.

How do I contact someone within IBM to submit an IBM Faculty Award request?

It is recommended that you contact IBM employees from the IBM organization with whom you have an existing relationship. In most cases, such a relationship provides a good basis for developing a common interest for research collaboration or curriculum development. Additionally, we recommended that you contact IBM technical employees you already know through your professional organizations and activities. Many IBM technical personnel belong to professional societies, attend technical meetings, or publish articles in technical journals. In most cases, such a relationship provides a good basis for developing a common interest and research collaboration.

Are there specific guidelines for submitting IBM Faculty Award requests?

Nominators have access to all details regarding the guidelines of the program. The Faculty Awards are meant to support work that will be placed in the public domain and openly shared for the benefit of the entire technical and business community. IBM's hope is that these awards encourage people to work together and openly share information for the benefit of all.

When are nominations due?

The nomination window for Faculty Awards is closed. Check back on the program tab periodically for updates.

How many times can an individual receive an IBM Faculty Award?

The IBM Faculty Awards are based upon merit. Nominators and faculty work together to define a length of time that fits the scope of the Research. Upon the completion of the goals stated in the Award proposal, the nominator may submit another Award application for additional phases or a different research study. These nominations will engage in the same level of competition as first-time nominations.
IBM reserves the right to place limitations upon the IBM Faculty Award program.