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XwattPilot: A Full-stack Cloud System Enabling Agile Development of Transprecision Software for Low-power SoCs

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The performance improvement rate of conventional von Neumann processors has slowed as Moore's Law grinds to an economic halt, giving rise to a new age of heterogeneity for energy-efficient computing. Extending processors with finely tunable precision instructions have emerged as a form of heterogeneity that tradeoffs computation precision with power consumption. However, the prolonged design time due to customization of the supported framework for a system-on-a-chip may counteract the advantages of transprecision computing. We propose XwattPilot, a system aiming at accelerating the transprecision software development of low-power processors using cloud technology. We show that the total energy-to-solution can be significantly decreased by using transprecision computations, whereas the proposed system can accelerate the energy-efficiency evaluation runtime by 10.3×.