IEEE Transactions on Communications

Waveform Design and Optimization for Integrated Visible Light Positioning and Communication

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In this paper, we investigate an energy efficient waveform design for integrated visible light positioning and communication (VLPC) systems by exploiting the relationship between visible light positioning (VLP) and visible light communication (VLC). We propose that the direct current component and the alternating current component of the VLPC signals are utilized for positioning and communication, respectively. With a single LED-lamp, we propose a received-signal-strength based 3D VLP scheme, and further derive the Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB). Then, by exploiting the inherent coupling relationship between VLP and VLC, the positioning results are utilized for channel estimation of VLC, which can significantly reduce the channel estimation pilot overhead. Furthermore, we optimize the waveform design by minimizing the CRLB, while satisfying both the outage probability of communication rate and total transmit power constraints. However, this problem turns to be non-convex and intractable. To address this challenging problem, we utilize the Conditional Value-at-Risk to conservatively transform the outage probability constraint into a deterministic form. By exploiting the block coordinate descent algorithm, the waveform design problem can be efficiently solved by alternately optimizing VLP and VLC convex sub-problems and dual problem. Finally, simulation results verify both the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed waveform design.