SPIE Advanced Microelectronic Manufacturing 2003
Conference paper

Value-based management of design reuse

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Effective design reuse in electronic products has the potential to provide very large cost savings, substantial time-to-market reduction, and extra sources of revenue. Unfortunately, critical reuse opportunities are often unused, because they provide clear value to the corporation but directly harm the business performance of one or more organizational partners involved. It is therefore crucial to provide tools to help reuse partners participate in a reuse transaction when the transaction provides value to the corporation as a whole. Value-based Reuse Management (VRM) addresses this challenge by (a) ensuring that all parties can quickly assess the impact of a reuse opportunity on their business performance, and (b) encouraging high-value reuse opportunities by supplying value-based rewards to potential parties. In this paper, we introduce the Value-Based Reuse Management approach and we describe key results on electronic designs that demonstrate its advantages. Our results indicate that Value-based Reuse Management has the potential to significantly increase the success probability of high-value electronic design reuse.