IEEE Intelligent Systems

Uncovering and Predicting Human Behaviors

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This installment of Trends & Controversies provides an array of perspectives on the latest research in modeling user behavior. Peng Cui, Huan Liu, Charu Aggarwal, and Fei Wang introduce the field in 'Uncovering and Predicting Human Behaviors.' The essays included are 'Computational Modeling of Complex User Behaviors: Challenges and Opportunities,' by Peng Cui, Huan Liu, Charu Aggarwal, and Fei Wang; 'Non-IID Recommendation Theories and Systems,' by Longbing Cao and Philip S. Yu; 'User Behavior Modeling and Fraud Detection,' by Alex Beutel and Christos Faloutsos; and 'Transfer Learning for Behavior Prediction,' by Weike Pan and Qiang Yang.