International Journal of Network Management

Towards a resource management and service deployment framework

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Owing to the increase in both heterogeneity and complexity in today's networking systems, the need arises for new network-based services architectures. They must provide flexibility and efficiency in the definition, deployment and execution of the services and, at the same time, handle the adaptability and evolution of such services. In this paper we present an approach that applies a Web-service-based resource management framework. It enables the provision of parallel applications as QoS-aware applications, whose performance characteristics may be dynamically negotiated between a client application and service providers. Our component model allows context dependencies to be explicitly expressed and dynamically managed with respect to the hosting environment, computational resources and dependencies on other components. In such a model the resource management, in terms of representation, allocation and management of the resources, plays a vital role regarding the efficiency of the entire dynamic service deployment architecture. Copyright © 2007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.