Broadband Strategies and Technologies for Wide Area and Local Access Networks 1996
Conference paper

Toward multi-domain integrated network management for ATM and SDH networks

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ACTS Project AC080 MISA has embarked upon the task of realizing and validating via European field trials integrated end-to-end management of hybrid SDH and ATM networks in the framework of open network provision. This paper reflects the initial work of the project and gives an overview of the proposed MISA system architecture and initial design. We describe our understanding of the underlying enterprise model in the network management context, including the concept of the MISA Global Broadband Connectivity Management service. It supports Integrated Broadband Communication by defining an end-to-end broadband connection service in a multi-domain business environment. Its implementation by the MISA consortium within trials across Europe aims for an efficient management of network resources of the SDH and ATM infrastructure, considering optimum end-to-end quality of service and the needs of a number of telecommunication actors: customers, value-added service providers, and network providers. ©2005 Copyright SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.