CHI 2024

Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding of Visualization Literacy

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Researchers have proposed many definitions of visualization literacy, targeting various aspects of the term. However, we have yet to fully capture what it means to be literate in visualizations, which has important downstream implications, such as how to effectively teach visualization skills to younger generations. We ran a meetup at IEEE VIS 2022 that attracted over 30 researchers in the field, who discussed aspects of visualization literacy such as how we measure it, how we can improve it, how it develops, and how it relates to other literacies. ACM CHI has a track record of attracting researchers from various fields such as visualization, learning sciences, and design, advancing research through both quantitative and qualitative approaches in and around HCI. This workshop aims to facilitate and deepen critical discussions about how to define, study, and improve visualization literacy. By continuing critical discussions with diverse perspectives from the CHI community, we can deepen investigations of visualization literacy through multiple lenses, such as measurement, interventions, and pedagogy.