SPIE Photomask Technology + EUV Lithography 2011
Conference paper

Total Source Mask Optimization: High-capacity, resist modeling, and production-ready mask solution

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As the demand for taking Source Mask Optimization (SMO) technology to the full-chip level is increasing, the development of a flow that overcomes the limitations which hinder this technology's moving forward to the production level is a priority for Litho-Engineers. The aim of this work is to discuss advantages of using a comprehensive novel SMO flow that outperforms conventional techniques in areas of high capacity simulations, resist modeling and the production of a final manufacturable mask. We show results that indicate the importance of adding large number of patterns to the SMO exploration space, as well as taking into account resist effects during the optimization process and how this flow incorporates the final mask as a production solution. The high capacity of this flow increases the number of patterns and their area by a factor of 10 compared to other SMO techniques. The average process variability band is improved up to 30% compared to the traditional lithography flows. © 2011 SPIE.