Journal of the Society for Information Display

Thin-film-transistor- and diode-addressed AMLCDs on polymer substrates

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Amorphous-silicon-rich nitride (αSiNx:H) thin-film diodes (TFDs) have been fabricated on glass, polyethersulphone (PES), polyacrylate (PAR), and polyethelyenenaphthalate (PEN) substrates at temperatures of 150-200°C, and a TFD-addressed TN-LCD fabricated on polyethersulphone is presented. Furthermore, poly-Si thin-film-transistors (TFTs) have been fabricated on glass, polyimide (PI), and polyethersulphone at temperatures of 200-275°C, and active-matrix arrays with drive circuitry have been realized. This work is an important step leading to a compact, lightweight, robust, system on a panel.