IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

Thermal stability and SNR of coupled granular/continuous media

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We investigated coupled granular/continuous (CGC) perpendicular media consisting of a continuous multilayer for high thermal stability and a granular host layer to reduce noise. The addition of Co/Pt multilayers increased the nucleation field of the CoCr18Pt12 medium from 0 to -2000 Oe. Moreover, the moment decay was reduced from 4.8% to 0.1% per decade. Compared to Co/Pd multilayer media, the CGC medium had a 10 dB higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The granular host layer significantly improved the SNR in the high-density region over 10 kfc/mm. Compared to the CoCr20Pt10 medium, the CGC medium had a 3 dB higher SNR in the low-density region. The medium noise for the CGC medium increased with the recording density, while the noise for the CoCr20Pt10 medium remained constant from 10 to 20 kfc/mm. The approach using CGC medium improves both the SNR and the thermal stability.