ISPD 2005
Conference paper

Technology migration technique for designs with strong RET-driven layout restrictions

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Restrictive design rules (RDRs) have been introduced as a simplified layout optimization method to better enable resolution enhancement techniques in ultra-deep submicron designs [16]. In this paper, we study the technology migration problem for designs with strong RET-driven layout restrictions, i.e., RDR constraints, which require devices (gates) to be placed on a coarse pitch and in a single orientation. In particular, we study the legalization problem with on-pitch constraints for devices with an objective of minimum layout perturbation. The problem can be formulated as an integer linear programming (ILP) problem with a set of stringent integer constraints, and it can be approximated as a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) problem. Instead of using an MILP solver to solve it, we propose a two-stage method - first the target on-pitch positions for gates are computed and second the original problem is relaxed to a linear programming problem. Library cell layouts designed in a technology with conventional ground rules have been migrated successfully to a technology with RDRs using our approach. Copyright 2005 ACM.