The Journal of Chemical Physics

Study of underpotentially deposited copper on gold by fluorescence detected surface EXAFS

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Using grazing incidence geometry and fluorescence detection, surface EXAFS of a monolayer of underpotentially deposited copper on epitaxially deposited gold (111) on mica was observed. Both Cu-Au and Cu-O scattering are observed. The results are interpreted in terms of models in which the Cu-O distance is 2.08 ± 0.03 Å and the Cu-Au distance is 2.5 ± 0.06 A. The copper and three gold atoms at the metallic surface form an elongated tetrahedron, with the oxygen on top of the copper. Two plausible models for the oxygen arrangement are proposed, one involving only one oxygen, the other with a sulfate ion adsorbed. This second model yields a slightly better fit of the data. © 1986 American Institute of Physics.