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Speech Emotion Recognition Using Self-Supervised Features

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Self-supervised pre-trained features have consistently delivered state-of-art results in the field of natural language processing (NLP); however, their merits in the field of speech emotion recognition (SER) still need further investigation. In this paper we introduce a modular End-to-End (E2E) SER system based on an Upstream + Downstream architecture paradigm, which allows easy use/integration of a large variety of self-supervised features. Several SER experiments for predicting categorical emotion classes from the IEMOCAP dataset are performed. These experiments investigate interactions among fine-tuning of self-supervised feature models, aggregation of frame-level features into utterance-level features and back-end classification networks. The proposed monomodal speech-only based system not only achieves SOTA results, but also brings light to the possibility of powerful and well fine-tuned self-supervised acoustic features that reach results similar to the results achieved by SOTA multimodal systems using both Speech and Text modalities.