UbiComp 2011
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Second international workshop on ubiquitous crowdsourcing: Towards a platform for crowd computing

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With the adoption of mobile, digital and social media networked crowds are reporting and acting upon events in smart environments. Existing platforms for crowdsourcing, support specific activity types, such as micro-tasks on the Amazon's Mechanical Turk; and fall short of facilitating general mechanisms for setting up and maintaining crowd networks easily, flexibly and in a variety of domains. Building upon First International Workshop on Ubiquitous Crowdsourcing, in this edition we challenge researchers and practitioners to identify requirements for a platform for crowd computing, arising from experiences in deployment crowdsourcing applications, which engage crowd members as sensors, controllers and actuators in smart cities and environments. This workshop brings together researchers to produce a vision for the universal crowdsourcing platform, documenting it in a theme publication. © 2011 Authors.


19 Oct 2011


UbiComp 2011