CIKM 2014
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Rebuilding the tower of babel: Towards cross-system malware information sharing

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Anti-virus systems developed by different vendors often demonstrate strong discrepancies in how they name malware, which signficantly hinders malware information sharing. While existing work has proposed a plethora of malware naming standards, most antivirus vendors were reluctant to change their own naming conventions. In this paper we explore a new, more pragmatic alternative. We propose to exploit the correlation between malware naming of different anti-virus systems to create their consensus classification, through which these systems can share malware information without modifying their naming conventions. Specifically we present Latin, a novel classification integration framework leveraging the correspondence between participating anti-virus systems as reflected in heterogeneous information sources at instance-instance, instance-name, and name-name levels. We provide results from extensive experimental studies using real malware datasets and concrete use cases to verify the efficacy of Latin in supporting cross-system malware information sharing.


03 Nov 2014


CIKM 2014