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Problem-oriented patient record summary: An early report on a Watson application

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As the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) becomes widespread, the amount of data in an EMR becomes a challenge for its comprehension. We developed problem-oriented EMR summarization to address this issue, as a part of a larger effort of adapting IBM Watson to the medical domain. The problem-orientation refers to the central role of a patient's medical problems in the summary. The summarization uses a generated problem list, relates these generated medical problems to relevant clinical data, and organizes the clinical data in a medically meaningful manner. Watson analytics are used for creating the summarization. This is a step in building the next generation EMR, one that is based not on just keeping record but instead on a conceptual understanding of medicine, thereby crossing the threshold from record storage to an intelligent entity for clinical decision making.


15 Oct 2014


Healthcom 2014