EuroSys 2017
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Privacy-Preserving User-Auditable Pseudonym Systems

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Personal information is often gathered and processed in a decentralized fashion. Examples include health records and governmental data bases. To protect the privacy of individuals, no unique user identifier should be used across the different databases. At the same time, the utility of the distributed information needs to be preserved which requires that it be nevertheless possible to link different records if they relate to the same user. Recently, Camenisch and Lehmann (CCS 15) have proposed a pseudonym scheme that addresses this problem by domain-specific pseudonyms. Although being unlinkable, these pseudonyms can be converted by a central authority (the converter). To protect the users' privacy, conversions are done blindly without the converter learning the pseudonyms or the identity of the user. Unfortunately, their scheme sacrifices a crucial privacy feature: transparency. Users are no longer able to inquire with the converter and audit the flow of their personal data. Indeed, such auditability appears to be diametral to the goal of blind pseudonym conversion. In this paper we address these seemingly conflicting requirements and provide a system where user-centric audits logs are created by the oblivious converter while maintaining all privacy properties. We prove our protocol to be UC-secure and give an efficient instantiation using novel building blocks.


28 Jun 2017


EuroSys 2017