TAPIA 2009
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PIRE: A global living laboratory for cyberinfrastructure application enablement

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This Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE) is a 5-year long project funded by the National Science Foundation that aims to provide 196 international research and training experiences to its participants by leveraging the established programs, resources, and community of the Latin American Grid (LA Grid, an international academic and industry partnership designed to promote research, education and workforce development at major institutions in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and other locations around the world). In return, PIRE will take LA Grid to the next level of research and education excellence. Top students, particularly underrepresented minorities, are engaged and each participant will receive multiple perspectives in each of three different aspects of collaboration as they work with (1) local and international researchers, in (2) academic and industrial research labs, and on (3) basic and applied research projects. PIRE participants will engage not only in computer science research topics focused on transparent cyberinfrastructure enablement, but will also be exposed to challenging scientific areas of national importance such as meteorology, bioinformatics, and healthcare. During the first year of this project, 18 students out of a pool of 68 applicants were selected; they participated in complementary PIRE research projects, visited 7 international institutions (spanning 5 countries and 4 continents), and published 9 papers. Copyright 2009 ACM.