Physical Review Letters

p̄-p annihilation into boson pairs at 6 and 8 GeV/c

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We have studied the reaction p̄+p→π+B± with small momentum transfer to the pion at 6 and 8 GeV/c. For B+π+ the average differential cross sections dσdt are 4.6±1.9 μb/(GeV/c)2 for -0.08 (GeVc)2>t>-0.16 (GeVc)2 at 6 GeV/c, and 1.5±0.6 μb/(GeV/c)2 for -0.07 (GeVc)2>t>-0.45 (Gevc)2 at 8 GeV/c. At 8 GeV/c the cross sections are 0.56±0.33 μb/(GeV/c)2 for B-π- and 1.9±1.1 μb/(GeV/c)2 for B-ρ- averaged over the momentum-transfer interval -0.05 (GeVc)2>t>-0.46 (Gevc)2. © 1969 The American Physical Society.