Physical Review Letters

-p Elastic scattering near 180°at 8 and 16 GeV/c

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We report differential cross sections for -p elastic scattering near 180°at incident pion momenta of 8 and 16 GeV/c. For |u|<0.5 (GeV/c)2 the formula ddu=Aexp(Bu) fits the data very well. At 8 GeV/c, A=3.750.35 b/(GeV/c)2 and B=3.160.24 (GeV/c)-2. At 16 GeV/c, A=0.910.13 b/(GeV/c)2 and B=4.230.40 (GeV/c)-2. A Reggepole model fit to these data gives for the trajectory (u)=(-0.060.12)+(0.80.3)u. © 1968 The American Physical Society.