SDM 2016
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Node classification in signed social networks

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Node classification in social networks has been proven to be useful in many real-world applications. The vast majority of existing algorithms focus on unsigned social networks (or social networks with only positive links), while little work exists for signed social networks. It is evident from recent developments in signed social network analysis that negative links have added value over positive links. Therefore, the incorporation of negative links has the potential to benefit various analytical tasks. In this paper, we study the novel problem of node classification in signed social networks. We provide a principled way to mathematically model positive and negative links simultaneously and propose a novel framework NCSSN for node classification in signed social networks. Experimental results on real-world signed social network datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework NCSSN. Further experiments are conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of negative links for NCSSN.


05 May 2016


SDM 2016