Physical Review B

Narrow optical linewidths and spin pumping on charge-tunable close-to-surface self-assembled quantum dots in an ultrathin diode

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We demonstrate full charge control, narrow optical linewidths, and optical spin pumping on single self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots embedded in a 162.5-nm-thin diode structure. The quantum dots are just 88nm from the top GaAs surface. We design and realize a p-i-n-i-n diode that allows single-electron charging of the quantum dots at close-to-zero applied bias. In operation, the current flow through the device is extremely small resulting in low noise. In resonance fluorescence, we measure optical linewidths below 2μeV, just a factor of 2 above the transform limit. Clear optical spin pumping is observed in a magnetic field of 0.5T in the Faraday geometry. We present this design as ideal for securing the advantages of self-assembled quantum dots - highly coherent single-photon generation, ultrafast optical spin manipulation - in the thin diodes required in quantum nanophotonics and nanophononics applications.