Nano Letters

Monolithically Integrated Microelectromechanical Systems for On-Chip Strain Engineering of Quantum Dots

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Elastic strain fields based on single crystal piezoelectric elements represent an effective way for engineering the quantum dot (QD) emission with unrivaled precision and technological relevance. However, pioneering researches in this direction were mainly based on bulk piezoelectric substrates, which prevent the development of chip-scale devices. Here, we present a monolithically integrated Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device with great potential for on-chip quantum photonic applications. High-quality epitaxial PMN-PT thin films have been grown on SrTiO3 buffered Si and show excellent piezoelectric responses. Dense arrays of MEMS with small footprints are then fabricated based on these films, forming an on-chip strain tuning platform. After transferring the QD-containing nanomembranes onto these MEMS, the nonclassical emissions (e.g., single photons) from single QDs can be engineered by the strain fields. We envision that the strain tunable QD sources on the individually addressable and monolithically integrated MEMS pave the way toward complex quantum photonic applications on chip.