Nature Nanotechnology

Large-area spatially ordered arrays of gold nanoparticles directed by lithographically confined DNA origami

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The development of nanoscale electronic and photonic devices will require a combination of the high throughput of lithographic patterning and the high resolution and chemical precision afforded by self-assembly. However, the incorporation of nanomaterials with dimensions of less than 10nm into functional devices has been hindered by the disparity between their size and the 100nm feature sizes that can be routinely generated by lithography. Biomolecules offer a bridge between the two size regimes, with sub-10nm dimensions, synthetic flexibility and a capability for self-recognition. Here, we report the directed assembly of 5-nm gold particles into large-area, spatially ordered, two-dimensional arrays through the site-selective deposition of mesoscopic DNA origami onto lithographically patterned substrates and the precise binding of gold nanocrystals to each DNA structure. We show organization with registry both within an individual DNA template and between components on neighbouring DNA origami, expanding the generality of this method towards many types of patterns and sizes. © 2010 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved.