Journal of Lightwave Technology

Integrated Optical Device with Second-Harmonic Generator, Electrooptic Lens, and Electrooptic Scanner in LiTaO3

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This paper reports the first demonstration of an integrated optical device in z-cut LiTaO3 that contains the following three functional parts: a quasiphase-matched second-harmonic generation (SHG) grating, an electrooptic (EO) lens, and an electrooptic scanner. The SHG device consists of channel waveguides passing through periodic domain-inverted gratings. The frequency of the input infrared (IR) light at 864 nm was doubled into blue light at 432 nm. A stack of EO lenses was used to collimate the light from the channel waveguide. The measured beam size at the output facet for various applied voltages to the lenses agreed with simulation. After collimation, light passes through an EO scanner that controls the angle of the output beam. A scanning sensitivity of 17 mrad/kV was measured for the scanner, compared to the calculated value of 15 mrad/kV.